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Drug tests have become commonplace not only in sports but also companies. Many employees are subjected to routine tests aimed identifying and reprimanding anyone using drugs. Pre-employment screenings form part of this approach. In some cases, parents also demand that their children get checked.

The majority of companies only require drug testing for specific, sensitive roles. Law firms often subject some of their employees to routine tests that can be carried out in a random fashion. The position held in the firm directly influences the frequency of these tests. Drivers, attorneys and other staff that interact with customers are generally faced with the requirement.

The testing procedures typically involve hair, sweat, urine or saliva tests. These methods can reveal any traces of toxins or drugs. The trace amounts detected in the bodily sources can stay in the system for hours or days depending on the type of drug or toxin involved.

TestClear provides a viable way to pass the urine drug test using a product known as powdered urine (dehydrated or synthetic urine). Scientists introduced an advanced method to dehydrate human urine with the aim to transform the liquid into fine powder. The resultant powder is available in the form of pouches. The products incorporate a kit comprising a test vial and a heater strip.

Users simply have to mix the hydrates or powdered urine with water. The mixture then requires heating to a specific temperature range using the heater strip that comes with the kit. As a result, one can take advantage of 100 percent human urine that is ready for testing and contains zero toxins or drugs.

However, the powdered urine can be likened to fake bank notes. It does not provide a fool-proof solution. To improve odds of a favorable outcome, one can opt for the detoxification method. The approach involves the ingestion of a detoxifying drink, which requires a window period of up to four hours.

The drink is designed to eliminate traces of toxins from the body. This prepares an individual for different types of testing methods, including saliva, hair, urine and blood tests. When it comes to hair-specific tests, there are specialized shampoos designed to wipe out all traces of toxins. This allows one to pass the tests since the shampoo breaks layers in the hair.

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TestClear offers a wide variety of powerful products that have been proven to help sportpersons, job candidates, employees and others pass the drug tests easily. The broad range of drug tests products include:

– Powdered Urine Kit — Useful for passing unsupervised urine drug tests. This product never fails but the challenge lies in ensuring that no-one sees the powdered urine kit.
– Toxin rid — This detox program provides a more practical solution for supervised tests. The product comes in the form of tablets and liquids. It works over a number of days.
– Shampoos — Test Clear offers different types of shampoos, including Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo. It is effective for removing traces of drugs from the hair.
– XXXtra Gold and Ready Clean drinks — The Ready Clean product is useful for eliminating moderate or mild toxin levels whereas XXXtra Gold is ideal for heavy amounts of toxins. These drinks require sufficient window periods to work effectively.

Drug testing tips

Test Clear products work more effectively when users follow specific instructions. For instance, the Aloe Rid Detoxification Shampoo is more powerful when the user stops taking drugs for at least 10 days before the test. It is recommended that one switches to a clean diet. This is aimed at improving the body’s metabolic rate.

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TestClear Coupon Codes

Everyone wants to save money, and when you are ordering products online, every time you can use a discount code or take advantage of a special sale, all the better!

If Test Clear promo codes are available, you can be sure that we’ll guide you to them! Keep this page handy for reference, and check back often!

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Now, let’s talk a bit about drug & addiction treatment options.

Drug addiction controls a person’s physical and mental well-being. An addict seeking recovery needs the professional help that is provided in an addiction treatment program. Most approaches to treatment begin with detoxification to clear the body of drugs and medically manage any severe effects of stopping drug use.

Because addictions are diverse, including illegal, prescription, and designer drugs, addiction treatment programs and individual approaches are continuing to evolve. Many newer programs do not fit the traditional mold of drug addiction treatment programs, but they do meet the diverse needs of the addict.

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Types of Addiction Treatment Programs

While detoxification cleanses the body from drugs, it is not enough to address the other issues involved in recovery, such as the psychological, social, and behavioral problems that are linked to addiction.

Drug detox programs are a preparation for recovery and should be followed by an assessment and referral to either an outpatient or an inpatient treatment program. Outpatient treatment is a critical component in the recovery process.

  • Group Therapy

A group setting provides many benefits. The counselor facilitates the group members in sharing their experiences and building relationships within the group. Members learn from each other, draw courage from the group, build self-worth, and reinforce a positive commitment to recovery.

  • Individual Therapy


One-on-one addiction therapy provides a close connection between the individual and his or her counselor, who will personally oversee their care and coordinate all treatment phases to attain the recovery goals.

  • Family Therapy

Getting the whole family involved in the therapy sessions helps the individual to realize he or she has a dependable support group willing to work toward their success.

  • Faith Based Program

It is widely accepted that faith and spirituality can play a positive role in promoting recovery from mental health and addiction. It was first proven successful by Alcoholics Anonymous.

  • Nutritional Therapy

The drugs an addict ingests causes great harm to the body, and can lead to nutrient depletion. Nutritional therapy teaches the individual to eat the right foods to rebuild the body and aid the recovery process.

  • Sober Living

Halfway homes for sober living are an intermediate residential environment, allowing the patient to migrate back into the community while still receiving guidance, structure, and peer support not available in the home.

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Alternative Therapies

  • Art Therapy

Art affords the addict an avenue to express his or her feelings and to build self esteem through creativity.

  • Equine Assisted Therapy

Connecting with horses provides the addict the opportunity to learn about his or her feelings, build a trust relationship with the horse, and develop skills, such as non-verbal communication, problem solving, creative thinking, confidence, and taking responsibility for self and others.

  • Yoga/Meditation

Self-control is difficult for the addict, but through the use of yoga and meditation and a connection to spiritual things many find the strength to recover.

  • Biofeedback

The addict learns relaxation methods by controlling his or her respiration, which can improve sleep habits and increase his or her confidence about being in charge of their body.

  • Acupuncture

The value of acupuncture as a treatment for addiction is still being evaluated. Clinical trials now underway indicate, “evidence suggests that acupuncture can play a key role in reducing reinforcing effects of drug addiction,” according to Medscape Multispecialty.

  • Music Therapy

Music can help addicts with management of cognitive skills and emotional expression. His or her interactions can include singing, dancing, or just listening.

Finally, and it can’t be denied: Drug abuse is an addiction that destroys lives and families. The abuser cannot recover without assistance. Drug abuse treatment programs offer diverse options to help the user achieve a permanent recovery. The diversity of available treatment programs, along with some of the excellent detoxification options from TestClear offer choices that will benefit all persons seeking a permanent recovery.

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